Vehicle Registration Renewal

Vehicle owners in Louisiana (LA) know they will have to register their vehicle and then renew their registration. In LA renewing a license is considered the same thing as renewing a vehicle’s registration. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (LA OMV) provides vehicle owners with all the necessary forms as well as procedures.

Valid Insurance

LA vehicle registration requires all vehicles have valid insurance. In LA, it is against the law to drive without valid insurance. This is required before beginning the LA registration process.

Vehicle Registration Time Limits

A vehicle owner who is a new resident of LA will have to register their vehicle. This is something that will have to be done within 30 days. Should a new resident fail to register their vehicle within this time, they could be given an overdue fee. If a vehicle owner is a resident of LA and has purchased a new vehicle, they will have 40 days to complete the registration process before being given a late fee. All vehicles driven by residents on the roads in LA must be registered with the LA OMV.

Penalties And Late Fees

The LA OMV does not permit grace periods with vehicle registrations and renewals. Should the registration of a vehicle expire; the vehicle owner will have to pay a late fee when they do get their vehicle registered. The amount of the late fee will is based on a percentage of the required renewal fee.

Registration Renewal Notice

All residents of Louisiana must renew their vehicle registration every two years. Several weeks prior to the expiration of a license plate, the LA OMV will send a renewal notice. This notice will contain Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), renewal ID number, license plate number, the renewal fee as well as the vehicle’s expiration date. Should a person not receive their renewal notice, they are still responsible for renewing their vehicle’s registration prior to the expiration date. The LA OMV does not reissue notices. Should someone not receive their registration renewal notice from the LA OMV, they can only renew their vehicle’s registration in person. It is recommended vehicle owners in LA make certain their names and addresses in the LA OMV system are correct.

Renewal Process

It is possible for a resident to renew their LA registration by mail, online as well as in person. The first time a person renews their registration, they will be required to present a photo I.D. or drivers license. This is not required for subsequent renewals. It is still advised vehicle owners bring their license or photo I.D. for any type of LA OMV transaction.

In-Person Renewal

An in-person renewal will require a vehicle owner to go to their local LA OMV office. This is unable to be done at any other location. A vehicle owner will be asked for their current LA registration certificate as well as their OMV renewal notice. They should also be ready to provide proof of insurance if requested. A vehicle owner will be asked to provide a photo I.D. or driver’s license. Once this is done, a person will be asked to pay their renewal fee. This can be done with a money order, cash or a check. Once the renewal process is complete, a vehicle owner will be given a registration certificate and license plate sticker. A registration certificate must always be with a vehicle. It needs to be in plain view or placed in a way that makes it easy to be observed by government officials.

Online Renewal

This process begins with the renewal identification number found in the vehicle renewal notice. A vehicle owner will have to go to the LA OMV ExpressLane renewal portal online. Once here, a vehicle owner will have to enter their renewal ID number as well as their vehicle’s year. This is at the bottom of the renewal notice. It is recommended vehicle owners verify their address and change it if necessary. The required renewal fee can be paid with a major credit or debit card. A receipt for the transaction can be printed. This receipt should be kept with the vehicle until the new registration and stickers are received in the mail.

Renewal By Mail

This process also begins with the information on the renewal notice It’s important for a vehicle owner to carefully verify all the information on the renewal notice is correct. This will require a copy of a photo I.D. or LA driver’s license. The renewal fee can be paid with check or money order. A driver’s license number should be included on the check or money order. The renewal notice will list the fees that need to be paid. The renewal notice, a copy of LA driver’s license or photo ID and payment must be sent to the address provided on the renewal notice.

The LA OMV tries to make it as easy as possible for vehicle owners to keep their vehicle registration renewals current. It is essential to have all the necessary paperwork before beginning the process. Once it is done, a vehicle owner will not have to worry about facing any fines or penalties for failure to renew their vehicle’s registration.