Preparing Your Vehicle For a Sale


It is that time. You have decided that you would like to sell your car and move on to another purchase. What should you do in order to make sure that the sale goes smoothly? You want for buyers to fight for ownership of your car, and you also want to make sure that there are no paperwork issues in the process, but you are unsure how to go. These are a few simple tips to ensure that you sell your car to buyers who really want to own it.


Have the Car Inspected

Having your vehicle inspected will not only allow you to know more about your car and what it may need, but it will help you give your buyer confidence when they come to view the car. You can use the fact that you had your car inspected as a selling point for your car. By doing a simple internet search, using terms like “get my vehicle inspected”, you will be able to find numerous automotive shops that are willing to make sure that your car is in great condition to sell.


Clean the Car

You do not need to fully detail your car to make it sell, but it will help. You can simply wash your car and clean the interior, so that it is presentable and desirable to buyers. Make sure to remove any of your belongings from the car, as there is no guarantee that you will receive anything back after you have sold your car. The cleaner you make your car, the more desirable it will be to a buyer, so try to clean the car more than you normally would. Clean the engine bay and wheels, vacuum the trunk, or wax your car; things that you may have not normally done before. You will be surprised how much these small changes can affect the look of a car.


Prepare the Paperwork

The first three documents that you should make sure that you have, before selling your vehicle, are: The vehicle’s tile, the vehicle’s current registration, and the vehicle’s latest emission test. Having a bill of sale is not required to sell a car, but it provides extra documentation on the buyer and seller involved in the transaction. You should also find maintenance records for the car, if you have them, as proof for the buyer. Maintenance records will also assure the buyer of the condition of the car and will allow them to know how the car was treated prior to the sale.


Take Good Pictures

Pictures can really make or break a sale. You do not have to take professional, magazine-quality, pictures to sell your car but you should take high-quality pictures. Pictures that are clear and descriptive will draw in buyers and will show them what they are considering purchasing before they come to look at the vehicle. You should take pictures of each side of the vehicle’s exterior and multiple pictures of the interior. Make sure to also take pictures of any damages that the car has so that your buyer knows of any repairs that they may need to make.


Make the Car Available

You will want buyers to see your car, so it will be best for you to post it online and make sure that people know it is for sale. Placing a for-sale sign will allow people to know that the car is for sale, offline. When you receive questions and offers for the car, make sure to answer the concerns promptly. Consider making a separate email account and using a separate phone number when you sell your car; this will not only give you privacy, but will make organizing everything easier.



You are now ready for your vehicle sale preparation; it isn’t a process that you want to go into without being prepared. By using these tips, you should have a smooth and simple experience when trying to sell your car. A buyer will not only want to buy the car but will make sure to fill out all of the documents properly so that they can take ownership of the car.