New Vehicle Registration

Registering one’s vehicle in Louisiana is necessary for any person who wants to drive that vehicle legally. The individual must complete the registration process when he first buys a car or when he first moves to the state of Lousiana with a vehicle. The vehicle owner must register the vehicle within 30 days of moving to the state. A person who buys a new car has 40 days from when he purchases it to go through the registration process. The following is some information on how one can apply for new registration in the state of Louisiana.

Items Needed for Registration

A driver has to have certain documentation to apply for registration in the state of LA. The one thing that he will have to have is a driver’s license. The state needs to know that the person who is registering the car has the legal right to drive in the state. The second document that the individual will need is Form DPSMV 1799. The form is an official application for the registration. It’s two pages long and asks several questions about the car and the type of documents that the driver is requesting for the vehicle.

The vehicle owner will have to have vehicle insurance before he can register the vehicle. A person can get insurance for vehicles by contacting a provider and submitting some information about the vehicle identification number, make, model and other details about the car. Once the insurance company insures the car, the vehicle owner will receive a policy number that he can use to receive his registration.

An odometer statement may be necessary for a used car as well as a financing statement or a security agreement. It depends how the person obtained the car. Financed vehicles are handled a little bit differently than outright purchases are handled

The owner needs to show that he paid sales tax on the vehicle if this is a new purchase. Once he submits all such documents, he should have the ability to obtain a valid registration for the vehicle.

Where to Get Registration

A car owner can get registration for a car one of two ways, and those two ways are by mail or in person. The individual will need to go to the nearest Department of Motor vehicles. The best way to find a motor vehicle agency nearby is to conduct an online search on a reputable site like the official DMV site. The person can then find the closest branch to his or her house and then visit there with the proper documentation and the necessary fees.

The car owner can also opt to request the registration over the mail. The process is the same except the person will have to send copies of all the important documents and a money order or check for the amount that the registration costs.

The Cost of Registration in Louisiana

The registration may have a few fees associated with it, and the vehicle owner must pay them all before he can receive the registration to his vehicle. The first expense is, of course, the registration fee. The first time the vehicle owner gets a registration, he will pay a $68.50 for it. The DMV may also charge a handling fee. If the vehicle has a lien on it because it’s a financed car, the organization may impose a $15 feet file the lien. The license plate charge is a different expense, which is in the range of $20-$82. The amount the vehicle owner has to pay will depend on the weight of the vehicle as well as some other factors. The individual can get a firm idea of what the cost will be by looking at a charge that explains it.

Sales tax is another expense that may come about in the course of applying for one’s vehicle registration. The individual will have to pay the sales tax on the car and then show proof of such tax.

Those are some of the steps that a person can take to register a new or existed car in Louisiana. Residents who follow the procedures mentioned above will have a protected status and will be able to operate the vehicle legally.