Drivers License Name Change

A name change may be necessary on your Louisiana driver’s license if a life-changing event recently occurred. If you’ve just experienced a new marriage, a divorce, adoption or some other situation in which the law gave you the right or ordered you to change your name. The following are the steps that are necessary to have that change implemented.

Gather Your Documents

The first thing that you’ll need to do so that you can get this process finished as quickly as possible is gather all of the appropriate documents. You will need to have the marriage certificate, divorce decree or court order that states that you will be changing your name. You will also need to find your original birth certificate because the issuing authorities will most likely need to see that at some point in time or another. You should bring your other documents like your drivers license, as well. If you have something that proves your address, you may bring that along, too.

Visit the Social Security Office

You will need to change all of your documents, but the first one you should change is the social security card. You will need to visit the Social Security Administration office that is nearest to your home. You can find a close branch by visiting the SSA website. When you walk in, you’ll probably see a sign-in computer that will issue you a number once you state your business there. You will select that you would like to conduct a social security card name change. Someone will call you to the counter when your number comes up, and you will have to show that person the documentation that proves that your name should change legally. You must also have proof of citizenship and identity, so an existing driver’s license or passport would be great. When you are done showing your proofs, the agent will issue you a form that states that you did apply for a social security card and that it will be coming in a certain number of days. The form that he gives you will most likely have your new name on it. Once you have your brand new social security card, you can safely go to the next step, which is visiting the motor vehicle agency.

Go to the Motor Vehicle Agency

Just as you used a search tool to find a nearby social security office, you can use a tool to find a nearby DMV. You must bring your new social security card, proof of identity and proof of citizenship with you. You must also bring along your insurance proof if you’re a vehicle owner. A payment may be due if you would like to receive an updated license or ID. They may have to take a new picture of you for this identification card. The fee for your replacement identification will be about $17. You can pay that with cash, credit card or debit card. After you pay the fee, the agent will make your replacement license right away, and you will receive one that has your new name on it. You will have the same expiration date on your new license as was on your old license.

Those are some helpful instructions that you can use to have the agencies reflect your new name on your license. You may also change your vehicle registration and your title, but extra charges will apply as well as a separate process to have those documents updated.