Drivers License Change of Address

How to Do a Change of Address on Your Drivers License in the state of Louisiana

The driver’s license is an American citizen’s most important form of identification. It provides instant proof of who you are, what you’ve done that’s been documented, and the crimes you have or have not committed. With that being said, it’s crucial that you keep all information on your driver’s license up to date. It’s not only recommended, but it’s also the law. Thankfully, a change of address on a driver’s license is quick and simple, and it’ll only take an hour or two of your day to complete.

In Louisiana specifically, you have 10 days after having moved to a new location to notify the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV). When going in to notify them of your new location, you’re required to have your current driver’s license, proof of insurance (if you have a vehicle), and whatever fees are to be assessed for the new driver’s license update. Unfortunately, you’re unable to change your current address online or by mail.

Naturally, if you’re under the age of the 18, you must have either a parent or guardian present to legally change your driver’s license information. You may also have to show proof of said new address, so it’s always best to call ahead of time to your local OMV for what specific requirements they may need from you. Something else to consider as well, if your license expires within the next 90 days of the address change, you’re required to fully renew your license.

If you’re a new Louisiana resident, you’ll need to update your out of state driver’s license to your new address within 30 days of the move. When you go in to do the update, you’ll need your driver’s license, another proof of identities like a social security card or birth certificate, your social security number, proof of current auto insurance if you’re currently in possession of a vehicle, and payment for the fees on the update. You will also need to pass a legal eye exam while at the OMV during the update. Keep this in mind as well, if you’re out of state license is expired, you’ll need to retake a writing and driving test to legally obtain a Louisiana driver’s license.

You may be under the impression that it’s unimportant for you to change your address, but realistically your address on a driver’s license is arguably the most important bit of information available on that specific form of ID, aside from your legal name. It allows the police to know where you’re currently residing, whether you’ve broken the law, or if you’re in need of medical attention. It provides hospitals with your address, so if you’re living with family members, they’re able to contact them immediately. Not to mention, though it is a very simple added benefit if you lose track of your driver’s license, the person who may end up finding it, later on, would be able to return it to your home.

After reviewing the steps needed to obtain your updated driver’s license, I think you’ll find that it’s actually a fairly simple process. Anything legality related always seems to hold this sense of difficulty and arduousness to it, but in reality, it’s a very simplified experience nonetheless.