Vehicle Registration Renewal

Vehicle owners in Louisiana (LA) know they will have to register their vehicle and then renew their registration. In LA renewing a license is considered the same thing as renewing a vehicle’s registration. The Louisiana […]


Registering Vehicle From Out Of State

Introduction You have just moved to Louisiana and are so excited to enjoy all that the state has to offer, but you know that you have a few things to accomplish before you can legally […]

man holding car key

New Vehicle Registration

Registering one’s vehicle in Louisiana is necessary for any person who wants to drive that vehicle legally. The individual must complete the registration process when he first buys a car or when he first moves […]

back of car

Change Vehicle Registration Name

Whether you’re buying a used car from a person who is not a dealer or receiving an old car as a gift from your father, changing vehicle registration names will become part of the process. […]


Replace Car Registration

Having to replace a lost or stolen vehicle registration may appear to be an arduous task, simply because the importance of the said document is incomparable. Whether it’s just damaged beyond recognition, or just simply […]


Change Vehicle Registration Address

If you live in Louisiana and have recently moved, or plan to do so in the near future, you must update your vehicle registration address. LA law requires that you change your vehicle registration address […]

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